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May the entries permit those who did not know him to piece together a picture of Dominique as he was.”

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1 entry.
Lorenzo Turchi-Floris Lorenzo Turchi-Floris from Rome wrote on October 10, 2022 at 12:23 am
What can I write about Dominique Weber? I was lucky enough to meet the Man, the Artist, the Professor and the Friend who he was. The silence that I feel inside me, together with the infinite emotions that bind me to Dominique, are so great and so contrasting that it is difficult to describe them in a few lines. I will limit myself to writing that I met Dominique when my piano career was already mature and full of many experiences made in prestigious international schools and competitions. However Dominique made me listen and feel the music like no one else had before. He accompanied me on those high and elusive paths where I often felt lost. His musical conception was so absolute, so high that it seemed impossible to me to be able to approach that idea... I thought that his Art belonged more to a world of imagination than to a real sound. I thought about all this for years, until one day I was lucky enough to hear him in a live concert. A world has opened up to me. Everything he said, he imagined, he could accomplish playing on the keyboard! It goes without saying that I followed him throughout that short five-concert tour. ALL of them: Wonderful!!! A true artist that I was lucky enough to meet and get to know. I know I will never meet a Dominique Weber again! Ciao Dominique